Narco Saints

Manolo Vargas is a Mexican citizen recruited to work as an undercover DEA agent within the Lazcano cartel. When a hitman within the organization discovers that Manolo works for the DEA, Manolo believes he is going to be killed. He is surprised to discover that the hitman has a far different plan in mind: to work together.The hitman proposes a plan to work together with the DEA to capture the leader of the Lazcano cartel and a politician that is working with him by taking a small team to infiltrate a secret meeting that no one else knows about.Manolo finds himself struggling with his loyalties in the run-up to the infiltration, and when a hidden secret about the cartel hitman is exposed in the moments before they capture the Lazcano cartel members, Manolo’s understanding of his world is shattered. Nothing will ever be the same again.